Manual Towers

The SharkCopier SATA manual tower standalone duplicators are able to copy CD, DVD, & Blu-ray formats. Plus we offer the SharkCopier DC SATA series that can connect multiple towers together controlled by a single source. The SharkNet allows the standalone duplicator to be connected on to the office network for convenient and easy image file transfers.

Xerox Duplicators

Xerox introduces a new series of standalone disc duplicators offering the "Drag & Drop" function. This feature will load image files onto the duplicator's HDD directly from a PC, saving time and effort. Plus the Xerox LS Duplicator will print directly onto the LS capable discs using LightScribe technology for an added benefit.

Robotic Autoloaders

Available in a multitude of sizes and disc capacity, the Vinpower CD/DVD and Blu-ray autoloader duplicators are the best robotic optical disc copiers available with the TITAN Supreme, TITAN Pro, TITAN lite & The Cube. Each model also has the option of adding standalone LightScribe capability.

USB Duplicators

Vinpower Digital has developed a line of flash memory duplicators - USBShark™ USB duplicator. USBShark™ USB duplicators make quick reliable copies on USB flash memory devices in a multitude of applications including computers, smart phones, portable gaming devices, and more.

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