Rimage's Go Green - Get Green!

Go Green — Get Green!

Recycle your old disc publishing system with Rimage and get a discount on a new and improved Rimage System!
Until December 15, 2017 earn an instant rebate of up to $6000 off the price of a new, state-of-the-art Rimage disc publishing system when you trade in your existing system – most brands accepted!
  •     Upgrade to the latest technology!
  •     Embedded Windows 7 Computer Modules for Fast Throughput
  •     Prism III or Everest print technology
  •     Blu-ray optional on all systems
  •     Robust API for integration
  •     PC, Mac and Web interfaces available
  •     Connect to your network or use in stand-alone mode
  •     Print cost per disc from $0.01 to $0.38
The Professional™ 5410N is a compact, all-in-one solution designed specifically for front office settings.

The Producer 7200N is the mid-range option in the high-end Producer IV series, ideal for medium volume customers who require high quality professional CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ publishing and duplication equipment and minimal downtime. High-capacity input

The Producer 8200N is designed for applications that require high-volume and uninterrupted CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ publishing and duplication. Set up as a network device, this powerful system can be accessed by anyone on the network.